| change is good | Change Co. – the Subscription Box That’s Giving Back

Whether you are looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift (me), or you just want to treat yourself to something that will come in the mail that is not a credit card bill or Chinese restaurant menu (also me), then subscription boxes are a really good option. And, if you want that box to quite literally be packed with goodness, well then have I got the box for you.

Change Co. is the the newest subscription box in town, and if you couldn’t have guessed it by their name, they’re on a mission to change the world. That is why they have created a box that is curated with products that are all about giving back.

The fine ladies over at Change Co. have always strived to find ways to make a positive impact. With their subscription box they hope to not only spread awareness about important causes and issues, but also inspire others to shop consciously.

And they’re making it easy to do so. The founders thoroughly research every company and product — ensuring that they only feature companies that are making a profound and lasting change, and only include products that are of the highest quality — and then they deliver it right to your doorstep. It really doesn’t get much easier.

In addition to every single item giving back, Change Co. also donates a portion of their proceeds to a highlighted charity, which they have also vetted to make sure you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to impact.

So how does it work?


Change Co. is a quarterly subscription box, meaning  you will receive it four times a year. Their first box ships on June 1 (with the others shipping September 1st, December 1st and March 1st). Each box will feature 4-6 handpicked world changing items. You get to choose your subscription — you can opt to pay once a quarter for $49.95 or once a year for $170.82 (that’s a $5 discount per box, if you did that math). And, not that you would, but you can cancel anytime.

And did I mention they also save you money? The quarterly subscription saves you 45% off retail, and the yearly will save you a whopping 55% off retail. I mean, it’s kind of silly not to subscribe, amirite?

So, what’s in the 100%, right down to the ink, recycled box? Well, their debut delivery is a doozy (in a good way):

Fruit Punch Clutch from Pura Vida

Whether using it as a standalone clutch or tossing it in your travel bag for your  next adventure, this fun, colorful bag is about to be your new go-to bag for summer. Pura Vida started as a bracelet company after two friends on a graduation trip to Costa Rica were impacted by the beautiful, artisan bracelets they saw there that were juxtaposed with the extreme poverty. In an attempt to help, the two friends bought 400 of the handmade bracelets and took them back to the U.S. to sell. The two quickly saw success and a way to make a bigger impact. Today, Pura Vida has expanded well beyond bracelets, but continues to support local artisans in Costa Rica — the original two artisans, as well as about 100 of their friends are now employed full-time by Pura Vida. The company has also partnered with over 190 charities worldwide and donated more than $900K to date. Pretty clutch, if you ask me (no, too cheesy?).

Stainless Steel/Bamboo Water Bottle from Tree Tribe

I’ve mentioned Tree Tribe before, I’ve also mentioned our plastic problem (Multiple. Times.). That is why I’m doubly excited for the stainless steel water bottle included in this quarter’s box. Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifestyle brand that loves the Earth and wants you to love the Earth, too. Their mission is to spread positive energy and build a thriving community to inspire a greater love for nature. To that end they not only make eco-friendly clothing and accessories,  but they also plant 10 trees for every sale. Tree Tribe partners with organizations worldwide that plant trees, with their main contribution going to plant forest gardens, which are diverse plots of trees and supporting species that help communities self-sustain by producing food, resources and income, while strengthening the local ecosystem at the same time. So with this snazzy water bottle not only will you be reducing plastic bottle waste, but you’ll also be planting trees. I’ll cheers to that.

Kalenjin Druzy Earrings from BADALA

I love these earrings for a few reasons. One — they’re gorgeous. I’m a sucker for a good druzy stone. But two (and probably the better reason) — they also help fight poverty and human trafficking. BADALA was founded as a fundraising organization to help people who didn’t have enough to eat. It evolved as a way to stop human trafficking and prostitution when the founder saw women in Africa prostituting themselves to feed their children. BADALA’s jewelry, accessories and houseware lines became a new option for employment for these women. Since launching in Kenya, BADALA has expanded their employment programs to women and artisans across East Africa and Central America, as well as to domestic sex trafficking survivors. These druzy earrings are meant to serve as a symbol of hope against poverty and sex trafficking around the globe.

Madagascar Vanilla Almond & Honey Bar from this bar saves lives

Now, I know I promised that this blog wasn’t gonna be all granola-y, but sometimes you just have to make an exception. And if the name of this bar didn’t already convince you (I mean, Madagascar Vanilla, yes please), then the cause definitely will. Every year 2.6 million children (one child every 12 seconds) dies from malnutrition. But it’s preventable. That why for every bar purchased, the company provides one life saving meal packet to a child in need. this bar saves live partners with organizations like Edesia Global Nutrition Solutions, Action Against Hunger, Save The Children, Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, Second Mile Haiti, Meds & Food for Kids to provide treatment and prevention of malnutrition for 20+ million children around the globe. P.S. the bar is also gluten free, non-GMO certified and bee friendly. Boom — eatin’ food and savin’ lives.

Green Sea Turtle Bracelet from Planet Love Life

Made by Planet Love Life, an eco-friendly organization dedicated to creating innovative ways to recycling salvaged marine debris and educating the public about the harmful effects of pollution in our oceans (remember that not so little thing called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?), this little gem of a bracelet serves multiple purposes. One — it’s made of 100% marine rope debris, thus helping to clean up those seas. Two — it’s meant to serve as a conversation starter — as it includes the Planet Love Life logo so you can help spread awareness about marine debris and its negative impacts on the environment. This bracelet specifically is meant to bring awareness for all of those cute little sea turtles that often find themselves entangled in discarded rope. And three — a portion of all proceeds go to benefit conservation and clean ups. Yes, to all of this.

Be the Change Postcard from KLoveGifts & TaylarMade

Pin it to a bulletin board, frame it or put it on your desk — your choice — but whatever you do, I know this cute little postcard is a great addition to the summer box. Designed by two ladies in Nashville with legit calligraphy skills, let this serve as a reminder that you indeed can #bethechange. The two designers work at the global nonprofit, Soles4Souls, where the proceeds of this beautiful item happen to be sent. Working to help the millions of children that lack proper footwear (and suffer consequences like not being able to get to a classroom), Soles4Souls provides both long-term solutions to poverty, through their micro-enterprise program, and short-term relief to those in need through the free distribution of shoes. Since 2006, Soles4Souls has distributed more than 30 million pairs of new shoes all over the globe.

Warm Fuzzy Feelings from charity:water

And last but not least, because I told you the gals over at Change Co. were serious about giving back, 10% of their profits from this month’s box are going to help charity:water. One of the first nonprofits the gals at Change Co. got involved with, charity:water works to help the 600+ million people who are living in the world without clean water. They invest the money they raise into organizations with years of experience to build sustainable, community-owned water projects. And since their inception in 2006, they have brought clean water to more than 7 million people in 24 countries.

So where do I sign up? Here. But seriously, you only have until the end of the month to get in on all of the summer box action, so get to it.


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