Well hello there! Allow me to introduce myself — my name is Kyle Blum-Goodrich, or as my husband likes to call me K.B-Good. Born and raised in Colorado, I chased my passion for fashion (and maybe a boy) out to California. Eventually I landed my dream job working in the fashion industry and my dream man (yes, that same boy). Long story short, we got married, had a fur baby and after five years working in fast fashion, I made the decision that it was important for me to move on to something that speaks to social responsibility and sustainability before profit. And so b.good was born. This is the story of me, my husband and our dog living in San Francisco and exploring ways to be conscious, be green — and ultimately, just be good.


Proud Member of Ethical Influencer Network, a collective of influencers and creatives who believe in sustainability, fair trade, transparency and living an ethical lifestyle.