| under the hammer | These Hammered Gold Rings Are Going to Be the Versatility Champs of Your Jewelry Wardrobe


Some of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry are my hammered recycled gold rings. They are beyond versatile. They’re beautiful on their own, or (if you didn’t figure it out from the name), they can also be stacked for more of a fashion statement.

The problem, however, with a lot of gold (and other metals) is that they do have some not so beautiful consequences. As I mentioned in a previous post about jewelry for Valentine’s day, the mining process for gold, silver and other metals can be devastating for the environment. It can contaminate the water, soil and air around the mines. Not to mention the human toll — civil wars, violence, forced labor and dangerous working conditions to name a few.

For those reasons, a lot of designers have resorted to using recycled metals, and I’m all for it. I bought my stackables forrrrever ago from a local SF designer. For the life of me I can’t remember her name (must have been so excited about the recycled metal), however don’t despair, I’ve found some equally ethical alternative options for you. Read on!

Hammered Slim Stacking Ring from Favor Jewelry, $22

The beautiful slim band is hand formed, then hammered to bring out the natural glint of metal is available in recycled 14K gold fill, sterling silver or solid 14K yellow, rose or white gold. All of Favor’s jewelry is handmade in Portland using small-scale metalsmithing techniques, thoughtfully designed to be relevant and beautiful for years to come. Favor is also incredibly conscious of the impact of their materials and techniques every step in their process. And to top it all off, they donate 5% of all online sales to charity.

Dainty Hammered Ring, 18K Gold from Maggie Fine Jewelry, $180

This dainty hammered ring is great alone and plays well with others. It’s handmade and hammered in Maggie’s Brooklyn shop with recycled metal. Maggie’s designs are inspired by everything from nature to her Brooklyn neighborhood, Bushwick. She works exclusively with recycled metals, responsibly sourced jewels and built her studio making environmentally-friendly choices and natural alternatives to harsher chemicals.

Yellow Gold 3 Ring Mini Stack from Lemonade Handmade, $67.50

This stunning stack of three slim rings are all individually hammered, hand formed, soldered and tumbled in the designers San Francisco Bay Area studio — so they are also all unique. The designer attempts to create compellingly beautiful and eminently wearable jewelry. She also aims to make it ecofriendly, using recycled materials whenever possible and employing environmentally-sensitive metalsmithing practices.


What is your go-to piece of jewelry?



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