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Between all the rain we have been getting here in San Francisco, the frigid temps/snow and ice storms in other parts of the country, and a Trump presidency just around the corner, frankly I’m just not really into the whole, “leaving my house” thing. Luckily for me (thank you Denmark), that is a thing, it’s called hygge, it’s kind of trendy right now and I’m digging it.

“What the eff (pardon my Fr…actually I guess Danish in this case) is hygge,” you ask? Very good question. In short, hygge, pronounced hoo-gah (yea, I don’t get the phonetics of that it either), is the Danish word for “cozy.” But it’s not nearly that simple.

To start, hygge can take the form of a noun, verb or adjective. As a verb, it has been referred to it as the art of building sanctuary or creating intimacy — calm color scheme, natural materials, snug bedding, boat loads of candles, warm drink in hand — check, check, check, check and check.

In noun form, it can be a feeling, a social atmosphere or an action that refers to something cozy, safe and known. Now those are all things I can really get behind, but there is still a broader meaning to the word hygge.

It is a feeling or mood that is a mixture of all of the things mentioned above — coziness, security, familiarity and comfort — but it is also kinship, simplicity and contentment. According to TIME magazine, it is “an approach to living the embraces positivity and enjoyment of everyday experiences.”

It means being present. It means taking pleasure from and even finding meaning in the most ordinary of moments. It means switching off — no TV and no phone (yea, I said it). It means creating simple rituals — taking time to enjoy that first cup of coffee of the day (maybe even in your cozy bed), a daily walk, lighting a candle when you get home from work, Sunday dinners with family. It means stopping to enjoy the simple things in life, and really taking the time to be grateful.

Sounds to me like we could all benefit by incorporating a little hygge into our lives. To help you get the cozy part down, I have compiled some of my very favorite and (socially responsible) products. The rest is up to you.

First, what would a hygge life be without a super cozy throw to bury yourself under? I’m loving the Striped Wool Blanket from Coyuchi, the Chunky Knit Blanket from Colorways Gallery and the 100% Wool Multi Stripe Throw from Bambeco, respectively.

Next, we need a cozy sweater — perfect for cozying up to the fire with a good book or an evening in with friends. Can’t go wrong with the Snowflake Knit Sweater from SEED People’s Market, the Cashmere Crop Mock Neck Sweater from Everlane or the Nau Cordillera Alpaca Cardigan from Twizel.

Finish the outfit with some comfy socks to keep those feet toasty. Some of my faves are American Trench’s Random Plait Sock available at Huckberry, Osom’s Columba sock, Patagonia’s Ultra Light Weight Snow Socks.

Then for all of those warm bevvies you’re going to be chugging, make sure to set yourself up with a great mug. I like the Potter’s Craft Mug from Bambeco, Tom’s Shoes notNeutral Latte Cup & Saucer and the Hasami Porcelain Mug from SEED People’s Market.

And finally, to really make for that hygge ambiance, the perfect candle is a must. The Hermosa Candle from Raven & Lily, Canvas Home’s Basic Candle in Fig and Paddywax’s Leather & Oakmoss Candle at SEED People’s Market are all great choices.

Lastly, grab your favorite book or favorite people and hygge your little heart out. Enjoy!




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