| #blogging | Why I’m Starting a Blog & This Is What You Can Expect From It

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Well, it’s the new year and I’m sure you know the drill — new year, new me, new…blog? Yep, I said it, I’m writing a blog. My intention for this blog is to make doing good, well, simple. I believe in my heart of hearts that people are good, want to do good and want to feel good. I also believe that currently doing good, buying good and feeling good can sometimes feel equal parts hassling and expensive. I’m here to do the leg work for you to help you do all of these things as painlessly as possible. Win-win, right? Or maybe you win, and I feel some pain in my legs from all the heavy lifting, but that’s beside the point.  

What this blog is not:

  • A sermon on how you need to make a lifestyle change or you’re a horrible person/going to die/insert other horrifying omen here.
  • An end all be all on social responsibility, green living, personal wellness or anything else I decide to write about each day. Things are so rapidly changing in our crazy world that new products, new studies and new fads and trends emerge every day, no way can one girl keep up on them all.
  • A lecture on the dangers of climate change (although, yes, that is actually a thing), widespread pollution (it’s a problem), poor diet choices and lack of exercise (also problems) or human rights violations. If, at any point, this blog starts to sound pretentious, you have my permission to hit me.
  • Written by an expert — as I said, I’m just one girl trying to help.
  • goop. No way, no how. Not now, not never. If you want to live like Gwyneth, this blog is not for you. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, but want help making better choices, this blog just might be for you.

What this blog absolutely is:

  • A big, fat, ever-evolving experiment — all feedback and suggestions are welcome with open arms and maybe even a sloppy kiss.
  • A resources to help you find better, more sustainable and more socially responsible products — from fashion, to home goods, to cleaning supplies, to beauty products, to…well, I think you get the point — that are easily accessible and won’t necessarily break the bank.
  • A place to find healthy recipes that don’t taste like dirt and only semi-tortuous workout ideas to help you feel good.
  • A spot to find easy ways to help make a difference for good causes, whether that is to donate time, money or anything else your little heart desires (or, I guess big heart in this case — good for you wanting to give to charity).
  • A little bit educational — while my intent is not to give a lecture, I do think it is important to learn the impacts of many of the industries out there and why it is important to start making changes.
  • And maybe a tiny bit humorous.

Let the games begin!


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