| trash talkin’ on tuesday – moo | Um… These Business Cards Are Made From Cotton T-Shirt Scraps


In today’s digital world, I often question how necessary the old school practice of handing out your business card is. It seems a little archaic, and a lot like a waste of paper.

And then I find myself searching through the stack of business cards that I have collected over the years, for that one person who did that one thing; or read the statistic that 10 billion business cards are printed in the U.S. annually, and I realize how wrong I was to think we had moved past those tiny pieces of paper.

Your business card is like a tiny little version of your resume. If it’s good, it tells people who you are, what you do and how they can get a hold of you. It is the first impression of your brand (whatever that means), and according to Entrepreneur Magazine, your business card is still the most effective direct marketing tool out there.

But, with more than 27 million business cards being printed every day, wouldn’t it be nice if we could figure out a way to not kill trees to make our baby resumes?

Well ta-dah! MOO, is one printing company that is doing just that. And we’re not just talking recycled paper (yawn), no MOO has recently created a new line of business cards that are made from cotton T-shirt scraps.

In partnership with Mohawk paper mill (which, BT-dubs, was the first U.S. paper mill to match all of it’s electricity with renewable wind power, shifting towards carbon neutral production), MOO is going old school — bringing back an old-fashioned way of making paper using fabric waste instead of wood pulp.

“Working beside Mohawk, we’ve taken this really old papermaking technique and brought it back up to date,” says Toby Hexall, Head of Product Design at Moo, “We’ve really drawn from the heritage of paper making, and it’s always a great place to look because it gives us kind of a lesson in how to use the materials that are available to you.”

To that end, their Cotton line of business cards uses 100% cotton fabric from T-shirt offcuts — the unwanted material that’s left over after a shirt is cut from a roll — and repurposes the fiber to make paper.

And the really great news is not only does this divert some of the 60 billion square meters of cutting room floor waste produced annually, but it also makes a bomb.com business card.

“We’ve taken the opportunity to take the bits of the white t-shirt that never made its way into the market, never made their way onto the shelves, on to people, and we’ve turned that into a super high quality paper,” says Richard Moross, CEO & Founder of MOO on a promotional video.

Because MOO only uses white t-shirt scraps, the cards are bright white without any additional bleaching or dying. The cotton gives the cards a unique texture and the natural fiber takes color really, ridiculously well. The cards also come in different sizes — from standard to square — and for pretty premium business cards they’re really not that expensive (starting at around 50 cents per card).

Just MOO-arvelous, if you ask me!

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