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Hey! Me again, talking about our ocean plastic problem. I know, I’ve said it over and over and over (and over and over) again. But, I think it’s worth saying again — we have a plastic problem.

We use a lot of plastic in our lives — some estimates put plastic use at nearly 300 million tons per year. And that’s all fine and dandy until garbage truck loads of it start to enter our oceans — like literally garbage truck loads — Greenpeace estimates that one garbage truck load of plastic enters our oceans every minute. According to a 2015 study, an estimated 19.4 billion pounds of plastic wind up in the world’s oceans each year, and by 2050 our oceans could contain more plastic than fish. So yea.

And all of that plastic ends up in places like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — the massive patch of marine debris in our ocean that is now visible from space (and growing) — and other weird, random and disturbing places in the ocean like the Arctic, the Mariana Trench (a.k.a. the deepest place in the ocean) and Henderson Island (a remote, unpopulated island halfway between New Zealand and Chile, 3,100 miles away from any population center).

And besides just getting together for one of the biggest trash shindigs this world has ever seen, this plastic also tends to kill marine life that either ingests it or gets entangled in it.

But if you’ve ever read this blog (and I’m hoping you have), you know that there are companies out there working to help. And one such company (with a very fitting name, if I do say so myself) is Dick Moby.

Dick Moby started when a group of surfers and sailors went on a surf trip. On the trip, the group was alarmed by the huge amounts of plastic waste in and around the ocean. Thus the team set out with the mission to reduce plastic pollution. And they’re doing it by producing sustainable eyewear from recycled plastic.

Upon returning from their trip, the team at Dick Moby started exploring options with various suppliers and plastic producing companies. They finally found one (Mazzucchelli) that was able to product high quality, bio-degradable and recycled acetate for them.

The group started with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and within 10 months from their launch, their sunglasses were already being sold at some of the most well known fashion and optical shops worldwide.

With the motto, “Quality is key, sustainability is king,” Dick Moby’s sunglasses, which are handmade in Italy bring the best of both worlds — quality and sustainability, if you really need me to spell it out for you.

Their glasses are made from either the recycled acetate they developed in partnership with Mazzucchelli or bio-based acetate (for all of their non black-colored frames), which is made without crude oil or toxic plasticisers. And because they believe in quality, they use teflon coated screws, sturdy three or five barrel hinges, certified UV400 protection lenses from ZEISS with hardened anti-scratch and anti-reflection coating, and strong gold or silver for the bone structure in their frames.

And their commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the frames. Their microfibre lens cleaning cloth is made from recycled PET plastic bottles (one cloth is made of approximately 7 used plastic bottles), and their cases are made from recycled leather.

And P.S. their glasses are rad.

Dick Moby AMS

Dick Moby ATH

Dick Moby CPT

Dick Moby POP

Dick Moby BCN

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