| spring in your step | The 6-Piece Spring Shoe Wardrobe, All From Ethical Brands

I’m sure when most people think of ethical or sustainable fashion, the words crunchy or unusual probably come to mind well before fashionable or on trend. That’s why one of my main goals for this blog was to show people that there are pieces that can be both.

In my previous life working in the fast fashion industry, I subscribed to all of the daily fashion newsletters — The Zoe Report, WhoWhatWear, PopSugar, Refinery29, etc. — to make sure I was wearing and buying all of the latest fashion trends. And while I may not be shopping as much or at the same places that I used to, as a continued fashion devotee, I still keep tabs on all of these sites and their latest obsessions.

So a couple weeks ago, when WhoWhatWear came out with their 6-Piece Spring Shoe Wardrobe, I thought it the perfect opportunity to really prove to all the fashion lovers out there that they can be on trend and shop ethically at the same time.

According to WhoWhatWear, the six must-have shoes for spring are sneakers, flat sandals, heeled sandals, slides, mules and slingbacks. The really great part about this list, as they point out, is while all of these styles are on trend this spring, they are also all pretty classic shoes. That means that they will all be able to live on in your wardrobe long after the spring flowers have faded.

So without further ado, let’s begin:

The Sneaker

Ethletic Fair Trainer White Cap Lo Cut Collection 17 in Just White (€64,90)

Native Monaco Low ($75)

Matt & Nat Bonaventure – White ($85)

Hebe Leather Sneaker ($98-$140)

Wills London Women’s New York White ($99 from Modavanti)

Veja Holiday Leather Extra White Perforated (€145)

The Flat Sandal

Sseko Designs Rue Caramel Gold Rue Ankle Strap Sandal ($64.99)

Nisolo Cora Wrap Sandal ($68)

Meyelo Sekon Nubuck Leather Sandal ($75 from Accompany)

Minda Living Peach Blush Leather Slide Sandals ($78.00 from Accompany)

Deux Mains Lespwa ($119.99)

The Heeled Sandal

Nae Irene Green (€89)

Yull Harrogate Tropical Punch Heels ($109.99)

Nisolo Elizabeth Slide ($158)

Caterina Embroidered Heels ($200 from Boden)

Coclico Bass Sandal ($375)

Coclico Leggy Heel ($435)

Brother Vellies Sahara Caroline Heel ($750)


The Slide

Anne Sandals in Cognac by Deux Mains ($63 from Modavanti)

Matt & Nat Frontenac – Black ($85)

Nisolo Isla Slide Sandal Beige ($88)

Angelina Slide ($90 from Boden)

Proud Mary Raffia Desert Fringe Slide Sandal ($138)

Bourgeois Boheme Felicity Textile ($158)

Sydney Brown Shoes Flat Slide in Black ($210)


ZouXou Sabine Slide in Burnt Sienna Suede ($248)

The Mule

Nisolo Mariella Mule Noir ($178)

Proud Mary Tan Leather Slide ($178)

Fortress of Inca Miko in Steel Grey ($230)


ZouXou Sabot Mule in Dark Navy ($255)

Elizabeth Suzann The Limestone Mule ($360)

Rachel Comey Polished Cinder Dahl Mule ($438 from Accompany)

The Slingback

Cecelia Slingback Flats ($98-$120 from Boden)

Charlotte Stone Cassiday Slingbacks ($295 from Amour Vert)

Coclico Akaw Flat ($350)


Any spring essential shoes you think this list is missing? Where do you look for all your fashion advice? And where do you look to find ethical brands that are also on trend or fashionable?

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